mobileFrom product selection to design and installation, our unique services and attention to detail are unmatched at every step along the way.  A team of skilled professionals will help you to determine the best system to meet your home automation needs.  Our home automation installers will consolidate your qualified systems into one intuitive interface and even integrate multiple functions into one unit.  Imagine a world where your security cameras display on your television or where your window shades automatically raise or lower according to the time of day and season of the year — or when you open your front door.  At Automation Brains, LLC, we design and install utilizing the leading brands in smart home automation systems, ensuring that your home automation needs are met with the latest capabilities, including providing monitoring and control from your favorite mobile devices.


With many options available today for home automation, our Automation Brains team can design a solution customized to meet your requirements and budget.  To start, Automation Brains will provide you with a free consultation with one of our smart home automation experts.  Having been in the home remodeling, security, locksmithing, and automation integration business since 2008, our owners bring a tremendous amount of experience and in-depth knowledge to your home automation project, and can design systems from the least expensive and basic systems to ones that can scale to become the most advanced available.  Discover how easy it is to integrate smart home automation & security solutions into your home!