Serving clients across the greater Denver metro area with innovative home automation solutions.
Serving clients across the greater Denver metro area with innovative home automation solutions.
Serving clients across the greater Denver metro area with innovative home automation solutions.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is a concept that involves automating various aspects of a home, and can embody a wide range of functions.  The scope of a Home Automation solution can be narrow or broad, depending on the needs and budget of each homeowner.   Home Automation (HA) technology has evolved tremendously from its early days, now utilizing the benefits of dozens of “Internet of Things” (IoT) solutions.  Today HA allows you to control all of the electronic systems (home security, lighting, climate, home audio/theater, lawn irrigation, and much more) in your home – all with a single touch on the display of an Apple or Android smart phone or tablet, or via programmed responses to what’s happening in your home environment.


Historically, most homes have had very few “automated” functions, and those intelligent functions that did exist were discrete systems that didn’t talk to each other.   Some higher-end homes with multiple electronic systems often had independent sets of controls to manage locks and the home security system, audio/video, climate, lighting, window coverings, video monitoring, sprinkler systems, etc.   In these homes, the owners had to use the proprietary controls for each of these various systems to make things work, yet none of the independent systems could interact with each other.   With the advanced HA solutions available today, homeowners can control nearly everything in their homes from a single control point, resulting in increased efficiency, convenience, energy savings, security, and safety.

Imagine this morning scenario:  Music turns on softly in the bedroom, gradually increasing in volume to awaken you gently, while the window shades roll open, the lights come on, and the heated floor in the master bath warms up, awaiting your arrival.   Prior to your scheduled waking time, the HVAC system has adjusted the temperature in your home to the pre-set level for “awake”.    As you walk downstairs in your bathrobe the lights in the main entryway come on and those in the master bath and bedroom go off in response to sensors noting no occupancy there.   You open the front door to go out and get the morning paper and since it’s still dark outside the porch lights turn on to illuminate the walkway.  After you close the front door the deadbolt automatically re-locks.

Naturally, all of the functions and responses described here can be programmed differently according to your preferences.  With wireless sensors and control modules the entire system usually can be designed and installed with minimal wiring; then actions can be programmed to take place in response to sensors, time-of-day, and ambient conditions such as temperature, light, etc.  Voice control can also be integrated in some solutions.

All of this is part of how Automation Brains helps our clients turn their homes into Smart homes.   If you can dream or imagine it, we can probably create it by integrating a range of system components to deliver the ultimate in simplicity and coordinated functionality in your home.   Our centralized Automation Brains hub will replace the confusion and inefficiency of multiple remotes and independent systems with a powerful, streamlined control system that helps you manage you entire home!